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FlashText  v.1.2

FlashText 1.2 delivers a fully functional utility which pastes predefined text into any applications in the most convenient way. You can define an unlimited number of entries. Each entry has a name and value. All you need do is activate FlashText by

SecureCrypt  v.1

SecureCrypt 1 brings a potential and easy-to-use encryption software to keep all of your sensitive documents away from prying eyes. Encrypt your files or text into unreadable, scrambled information, and then decrypt them at a later date for viewing,

Text2Speech  v.

Text2Speech is Text to Speech Synthesis application that converts text into immediate audible speech. Simply put this software will read text to

Uni2ascii  v.4.10

This package provides conversion in both directions between UTF-8 Unicode and a variety of 7-bit ASCII equivalents. Such ASCII equivalents are useful when including Unicode text in program source, when debugging, and when entering text into web

Unibitch  v.1.0

This is a quick prog to convert normal ascii text into the hexadecimal equivalent Type Select Copy prog dvb s2

ArtenSPEAK for Mac OS  v.1.0.3

A simple application that speaks text. You may drag or paste text into the ArtenSPEAK text area and when you depress the loudspeaker button the text will be read to you. Ideal for use with webpages, email, or any text document.

Super Synth Voice Creator for Mac OS  v.1.0

Turn any text into an audio file, by selecting one of many computer voices. Very fun and can be used for many things!

SCCM Client Actions Tool  v.0.8 Beta

SCCM Client Actions Tool is a handy application that allows running actions remotely on one or more computers. A list of computers can be provided either from a file (XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT), loaded from SCCM collection or simply entered as a text into

SuperClip  v.1.5

SuperClip is a tool which copies previous inserted text with a mouse click into the clipboard! Very simple to use and very useful if you often insert text into formulars, write emails etc.

Word Predictor  v.1.1 Alpha

Word Predictor is intelligent enough to offer suggestions for the user, based on context and the characters inserted so far. This goal of this software is to allow users with limited mobility to be able to more accurately and quickly input text into

Email Attachment Transformer  v.v1.00.808

Can?t get your email attachment through? Transform your data to plain text with this quick encoder/decoder. Insert encoded text into your email and send. Person to person tool - your recipient will need a copy too. Integrated Help. Multilingual

PureText  v.2.0

Have you ever copied some text from a web page, a word document, help, etc., and wanted to paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source? PureText makes this simple. Just copy/cut

DzSoft Paste and Save  v.2003

Paste and Save is a handy little utility that can save pieces of text on the Clipboard for reuse, before you accidentally overwrite it. Allows to sort the text into three files. Can save all copied text automatically. Has a convenient floating

Brailleboard  v.1.0.6

This PHP script which uses a MYSQL database converts text into Braille. The large size Braille Marquees or Flashcards individual letters on screen. Also now displays the entire text converted from the Control

GPG-Crypter  v.0.3.5

GPG-Crypter is a GTK+ frontend to GPG and it is intended to de- and encrypt text into ASCII-armored gpg-ciphers. It provides textboxes to enter plaintext or ciphers. File encryption and decryption is available since version

Incfiles  v.0.0.2

This Bash shell script automatically includes pieces of text into a major text file, through the recognition of start/end tag

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